Shipping Options

Postage guide for sending back Prevent Cruelty California petitions to arrive by Saturday, April 21st.  

If postmarked by Monday, April 16th:

Use USPS "FIRST-CLASS MAIL POSTAGE" Note: Letter envelopes and large envelopes cost the same, because when you fold petitions to fit smaller envelopes, the thicker width raises the price to large envelope pricing." Forever stamps are currently valued at $.50. 

  • Large envelope with 1-6 petitions & 1 submission sheet - Use 3 Forever Stamps 
  • Large envelope with 7-12 petitions & 2 submission sheets - Use 4 Forever Stamps
  • Large envelope with 13-24 petitions & 3 submission sheets - Use 5 Forever Stamps
  • Large envelope with 25-30 petitions & 4 submission sheets - Use 6 Forever Stamps
  • Large envelope with 31-36 petitions & 5 submission sheets - Use 7 Forever Stamps

"First Class Pricing gets more complex above 12 oz. Unless you are equipped to calculate it yourself, we one of the following: 

  1. Mailing from the post office
  2. Using a flat rate envelope from the post office
  3. Using other shipping service like UPS or FedEx

USPS First Class pricing chart, for reference:

If postmarked by Wednesday, April 18th:

Use "PRIORITY MAIL 2-DAY FLAT RATE ENVELOPE" [Takes 2-3 days] Note: Priority Mail 2-Day actually takes 2-3 days. There is not a 2-Day guarantee.

  • Priority Mail 2-Day Flat Rate Envelope $6.70
  • Priority Mail 2-Day Legal Flat Rate Envelopes are being phased out by the post office and are difficult to come by. $7.00  

If postmarked by Thursday, April 19th:

Use "PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS" [Takes 1-2 days] $24.90, or ship FedEx or UPS to arrive by Saturday April 21st.