"History in the making": California aims for world's highest farm animal welfare law

Published 3/7 in The Guardian by Charlotte Simmonds

New law would ban the sale of all eggs, pork or veal from a caged animal, putting the state ahead of the EU – if campaigners can get enough signatures.

Call to action for cage-free farming in California

Published 5/11 in The Mercury News by Nicoletta Lanese

Hundreds of animal rights activists across California are swept up in campaign preparations for a new cage-free farming initiative they’re expecting to hit the November ballot to ban cages for chickens, pigs and veal calves.

More space for pigs, calves and hens? California voters will soon decide

Published on 6/22 in The Sacramento Bee by Bryan Anderson

A new initiative aimed at expanding living space for egg-laying hens, pigs and calves has made its way onto the November ballot, the secretary of state's office announced Friday.

California Considers Banning Cages for Hogs, Calves, and Laying Hens

Published 9/11 by The Cornucopia Institute

The Humane Society has introduced a ballot initiative to stop the caging of some farm animals. The group will need 365,000 signatures within 180 days to get the initiative on the statewide ballot in November 2018. Massachusetts already has similar legislation in place, and Cornucopia applauds this possible upgrade for animal welfare.

Pigs, calves could join chickens on California’s cage-free list

Published 8/30 in The Sacramento Bee by Jim Miller

Nearly a decade after winning a nationally watched California campaign to require more space for egg-laying hens, the Humane Society of the United States on Tuesday moved to return to the state ballot in 2018 with another far-reaching initiative.

New ballot initiative could increase California farm animal welfare standards

Published 8/29 in The San Francisco Chronicle by Tara Duggan

California already has some of the most rigorous laws in the country regarding farm animal welfare, but the state’s rules surrounding pigs, chickens and cows could get even stricter.

California ballot effort pushes for cage-free pork, veal, eggs

Published 8/29 in Politico by Helena Bottemiller Evich

The Humane Society of the United States and a coalition of other animal welfare groups today filed ballot language in California with the goal of requiring that all pork, eggs and veal sold within the state come from cage-free sources.

Initiative would require all eggs in California to come from cage-free hens

Published 8/29 in The Los Angeles Times by Patrick McGreevy

Nine years after California voters decided that egg-laying hens must be given more space, animal-rights activists on Tuesday filed papers for a new initiative requiring the birds to be kept cage-free.

The initiative’s language, submitted to the state by the Humane Society of the United States, addresses the group’s concerns that 2008’s Proposition 2, which required hens to have more room in their habitats, did not achieve the right conditions for farm animals, including pigs and calves.