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Initiative would require all eggs in California to come from cage-free hens

Los Angeles Times · Aug 29, 2017

Published 8/29 in The Los Angeles Times by Patrick McGreevy

Nine years after California voters decided that egg-laying hens must be given more space, animal-rights activists on Tuesday filed papers for a new initiative requiring the birds to be kept cage-free.

The initiative’s language, submitted to the state by the Humane Society of the United States, addresses the group’s concerns that 2008’s Proposition 2, which required hens to have more room in their habitats, did not achieve the right conditions for farm animals, including pigs and calves.

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California ballot effort pushes for cage-free pork, veal, eggs

Politico · Aug 29, 2017

Published 8/29 in Politico by Helena Bottemiller Evich

The Humane Society of the United States and a coalition of other animal welfare groups today filed ballot language in California with the goal of requiring that all pork, eggs and veal sold within the state come from cage-free sources.

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